Where can you find the best Polish programmers? [ULTIMATE LIST]

Martyna Grygoruk - Co-founder& CEO at Sunscrapers Teams, HR Manager at Sunscrapers

Martyna Grygoruk

15 January 2021, 3 min read

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The recruitment has no secrets for me. I've worked in recruitment positions at various places - the recruitment agency, the outsourcing company, and the software development company. I had a chance to recruit for all possible positions in the IT industry (when it comes to the seniority, the type of role itself - analysts, developers, admins, QAs, etc., or even the technology stack).

The methods and places of acquiring candidates were changing a lot during my career - new portals were built, the existing ones became better equipped, which gave us plenty of new recruiting possibilities.

Today, I'd like to share this knowledge with you.

This article will equip you with insights where you can find the best Polish programmers and good practices in creating a successful job offer description.

I ranked those places starting from the most effective ones according to my experience. For each portal, I added a unique description with helpful insights.

  1. NoFluffJobs — one of two the most popular job portals where Polish programmers are looking for a job. The applications from this source represent 30% of all quality applications we receive monthly. Developers value this portal because of its clarity and how content is being presented there — no redundant descriptions, only pinpointed offer details that are most important from the developer perspective. (Paid.)

  2. JustJoinIT — as valuable portal as that one from position no.1. The description of the positions or projects can be extensive, so the readability of the job ad depends on how many details you put in there and if the description is clear and understandable for developers. When it comes to UX, the portal is very intuitive and smooth. The definitely worth mentioning feature is a map to where you can add programming languages layer/filter within a second. It allows programmers to see the offers in their tech stack and the location of the potential workplace. (Paid)

  3. Facebook  almost every person has a Facebook account these days (apart from those who felt too tired of Mark Zuckerberg’s expansion on their personal lives and decided to quit this social media). It gives you nearly unlimited access to your potential future coworkers. There are plenty of Facebook specialized groups dedicated to developers looking for a job (divided by tech stacks, locations, rates, etc.). Within the years, I gathered a relatively long list of these groups (if you are interested, I can share it with you as well). Facebook is another source that enables you to contact candidates directly, and what’s more, it’s free! You should bear in mind that most of the groups require information about rates and project details. (Free.)

Protip: Remember that adding rates is a must-have of a successful offer. The job offer without info about rates receives 4 times less applications than those with included ones.

4. … This is a short version of the list. If you found it helpful, I encourage you to get full access here and learn about all places where you can find the best Polish programmers.


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