9 year-long partnership with London’s top marketing and design agency .

MHG Design is a full-service marketing and design consultancy agency based in Greater London. Founded over 20 years ago, MHG worked with some of the world's most renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, Maserati, and Logitech.

London, UK
Web, Mobile



All digital agencies working with top brands face this challenge: they need to provide their clients with full-service support, starting with marketing strategy, through creative design, up to production. And they have to accomplish that in a multi-project environment with high quality expectations, short notice, and quick turnaround times. MHG was no stranger to this problem. That’s why the company was looking for a reliable tech partner who could adapt to its demanding process and provide a wide range of technical expertise required for successful project execution.


To support our client, we have completed a great variety of projects focusing on web development. We have created functional landing pages, developed Content Management Systems (CMS) and built simple e-commerce applications. During the course of our long-term collaboration, we also developed dedicated applications that streamlines specific processes - for example, a system for handling customer complaints.


Throughout our successful relationship that has lasted almost a decade, we have tested many approaches to effective collaboration, keeping our agility high to match our client’s needs at any given time. During the last few years, we have developed our collaboration and today have a dedicated web developer on board who is assigned to MHG’s projects on a retained basis. Such setup guarantees our availability and allows flexibility in handling variable amount of work. In addition to this ongoing support, we have successfully helped MHG handle larger ad-hoc projects that required bigger development teams and expertise beyond web development and WordPress, reaching advanced technologies such as Python or JavaScript.

  • Full-stack web and mobile development
  • API development
  • HTML/ CSS/ Javascript
  • Python / Django
  • PHP/ WordPress



working togheter since 2010


projects completed in collaboration


setup that grows with the client and adapts to their needs

Sunscrapers services are incredibly well-made and reliable. We put our names on these products, so being able to trust them to present high-quality deliverables has pleased me time and time again. The feedback on the microsites, backend systems, and platforms which manage reporting and approval processes around marketing development funds have all been incredibly positive. The acclaim we’ve gotten from clients is resounding proof of Sunscrapers’ dedication

Mike Rice, Managing Director

Client since 2010

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Clutch award top Python & Django Developers 2019 Clutch award top financial services software developers 2019 Clutch award top B2B companies Poland 2019 Clutch award top developers Poland 2017


Sunscrapers Sp. z o.o.
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